Pink Elephant Blues - Lyrics

Pink laddered tights and
Bright neon lights and
A lady with a foot-long beard
The circus is coming into town
Bringing all things great and weird

Onto the green the
Ringmaster's seen to
Swear at a mile-high tent
It's taken all week to get it up
And the centre-pole has bent

 Raise up your hands
 Scream down the stands
 Give a loud cheer
 The circus is here

Into the tent a
Fortune is spent on
Tickets for the front-row seats
It should be a damn good show for what
It's worth on our receipts

On come the clowns in
Greens, pinks and browns and
Custard and a huge beach ball
Their trousers are so big it seems
Size zero's not too small


On with the show but
The tight-rope's too low and
The rope-walker seems a fraud
The tightrope has stretched right to the ground
For his waistline's far too broad

Acrobats swing high
Over the ring and
Always without a frown
They're effortlessly proving that
Life's full of ups and DOOOOWWwwwwnnnnnss...!

Here come the lions, all chasing
Their tamers round and round

 Help! Aargh! Stop it! Eek! Lion's roar, etc.


 Instrumental solo

 Instrumental solo, chorus


Well, it's been great but
It's twenty past eight and
We really have to disappear.
An urgent appointment out of town
But the best of luck next year!

Sure, it's been fun but
I'm not the one to
Say just how well you did
Maybe some practice would do good?
(But not here, I forbid!)

The ringmaster's right, 'twas
A wonderful night but
Not what we were led to believe
We'd seen all the tricks, but then he had
Another up his sleeve

Off went the cannon
And hit the man on
The wire from the roof to the ground
He knocked the centre pole askew
And the tent came crashing down

 - Martin Bazley - 25th November 2007

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