This page is outdated, and is provided for historical interest only.

I am now working on SFeditor, which is a similar concept to the original SFMapEdit but much more sophisticated.

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Map editor

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The map editor is being developed (along with a suite of other Star Fighter 3000 utilities) in parallel with the process of decompiling the game itself. The map editor was started as a direct consequence of me working out the file formats for the game. Currently, only the game textures and the map appearance may be altered, but editing of all the game elements will be possible in the release version.

The user interface

The main window is a view of the map of a game level. This can be edited using the various tools and processes which are available from the tool window. There is also a textures window which is the equivalent of the palette window in Paint. It generally displays the all the available textures that can be used on the map, but also becomes an 'area' painting palette or 'snake' path selector depending on the editing mode.


To be honest, the features of this program are so myriad that I'm not sure whether I can be bothered to document them. (Sigh). Here goes:

There is a screen grab of SFMapEdit running available here.

Update: Please will people interested in this project contact me, so that I can gauge the amount of interest in having a SF3000 map editor. I have realised that a fully-featured mission editor would, because of the inherent complexity of the game, need to be a very ambitious RISC OS application. I don't want to start such a task lightly.


Chris Bazley

Projected release date



star fighter map editor screenshot

This is a screenshot of the map editor running. In the top left is the map window, with the textures palette and tool windows open on the right. Below these is the StrongHelp manual for the editor, and on the bottom left are some directories within SF3000, showing the new file icons.


Although SFMapEdit 'works', I want to perfect it before it is available for download.

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