This page is outdated, and is provided for historical interest only.

You can now download the latest version of the game (1195 KB) which has the additional advantages of many bug fixes, compatibility with 32-bit RISC OS and integration into the desktop environment.

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SFPatch is a tool for patching the Star Fighter 3000 code. It was written in order to allow this game to be played on modern computers, without the variety of bugs and glitches that afflicted the game for those who eventually managed to get it to load.

Widely known problems

The default keys do not work properly with PS/2 keyboards, since unlike Archimedes keyboards, certain combinations of keys are not read correctly.

The copy-protection prevents the game from loading on a StrongARM processor, and there are glitches in the game even if you get it to run. This is because Star Fighter 3000 contains quite a bit of self-modifying code.

On Risc PCs and other fast computers, the noise of the engine doesn't vary in pitch as it does on the Archimedes.

The game fails on RISC OS 4, due to a number of minor memory-related bugs. Also if 'PC delete' is configured, then password/highscore editing doesn't work.

Main features of the patch -

Hopefully these problems (with other minor improvements) may now be solved with the use of SFpatch. Distribution of SFpatch doesn't infringe copyright, since rather than distributing game code, it provides a D.I.Y. kit with instructions for patching the game yourself.


Chris Bazley

Latest version

2.31 (20th April 2001)

Changes since last release


Here are two screenshots taken from a roughly equivalent position on the Training Academy map. The left-hand picture shows the area viewed with the detail set to the old 'max' level. The right-hand picture shows the area as it appears with my new highest detail setting. If you want a laugh, I've also done an equivalent snapshot of the area as seen on 'low' detail.

Screenshot of Star Fighter 3000 with poor depth of scene Screenshot of Star Fighter 3000 with improved depth of scene
This airbase on the training academy level appears to be situated on a vast flat plain, between two hills. In fact, the mountains behind it haven't appeared yet. The same view after having used SFpatch: Now we can see that the airbase is surrounded by a mountain range. Also notice the distance of the red pipeline and blue towers on the left of the picture.


The second release of SFPatch is now available for download. This version fixes all known problems concerning StrongARMs, and also reduces the complexity of the game loader.

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