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A Star Fighter 3000 map altered to spell out 'Welcome' when viewed from above

Welcome to my Star Fighter 3000 web site! I should probably start by pointing out that this site is dedicated to the original edition of the game for 32-bit Acorn RISC OS computers, rather than any of the many ports to other platforms (Playstation, IBM PC, or 3DO).

Secondly, this website isn't connected to Fednet Software (the company that created and published the game), who to the best of my knowledge no longer exist. However, I have been working on the ARM code version of Star Fighter 3000 since the year 2000, so I am probably the next best thing!

I set this site up to provide a focal point for my work on continuing development of the game and writing editors. I also hope that it will become the 'spiritual home' of this classic game on the internet, since it seems otherwise entirely homeless and forgotten, apart from a few pages on Acorn Arcade.

I hope you enjoy your visit. May your wingmen not fly into each other, and your shields recharge quickly!

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