Here is a smorgasbord of documents and essays that I have collected over the years. Some were written by myself, and others were written by my brother. I can take no credit for the Acorn application notes, apart from their conversion to HTML and the addition of some links. Hopefully their availability on the world wide web will encourage fellow RISC OS programmers to take advantage of the protocols described therein.

Date last updated Title Author About this document
October 1993 The RISC OS Selection Model and Clipboard James Bye/SH Guidelines for RISC OS programmers implementing clipboard-based data transfer (Acorn application note 240).
October 1993 The RISC OS Drag-and-Drop System SH/JB (James Bye?) Description of a RISC OS message protocol to facilitate precise positioning of dragged objects (Acorn application note 241).
April 1998 Response to act one of the Shakespeare play 'King Lear' Christopher Bazley An example of many A-level English Literature essays I have hanging around.
March 2000 Medical Diagnostic Imaging Christopher Bazley Just to prove I actually do some work at university!
April 2000 Review of Microdigital Mico computer Christopher Bazley An article written for RISC Nation magazine during Easter 2000, though not published here on the web until June.
February 2002 RISC: The processor architecture of the future Christopher Bazley An opinionated technical essay that I wrote at university for the "Artificial Intelligence/Software Engineering" course module.
February 2002 Amalthaea extended for a multilingual environment Christopher Bazley An essay on information retrieval systems that I wrote at university for the "Information Access" course module.
November 2001 - April 2002 A graphics rendering library for ARM systems Christopher Bazley Report submitted for my 3rd year project in Computer Science.
September 2006 - June 2007 Doom texture alignments: A tutorial Martin Bazley Tutorial on how to align Doom wall textures in DETH.
September 2006 - June 2007 Doom reference thingamijig Martin Bazley Describes the effect of different linedef specials and sector types in Doom .
December 2006 Gradients in the RISC OS 8-bit palette Martin Bazley Highlights the various linear colour gradients available within the default 256 colour palette. This document may be useful for graphic designers working on RISC OS.
February 2007 Schema 2 message protocol Christopher Bazley Describes a protocol used by the RISC OS application Schema 2 to delegate file format conversions to separate 'helper' applications.
February 2007 WimpBasic module Christopher Bazley Decribes the SWI interface and recent history of the WimpBasic module, which contains the run-time library used by WimpBasic programs.
February 2013 ARM architecture versions cheat sheet Martin Bazley A quick and dirty reference to the many incarnations of the ARM architecture from a RISC OS perspective, since a lot of users still don't understand the differences.