What's new?

This page lists changes to this web site that happened within a year of the most recent update.

Date Alterations
10th February 2019 Fixed a bug in CBDebugLib which made flex_midextend() unusable with negative 'by' values.
18th November 2018 Released a patch to improve the graphics in Chocks Away Extra Missions.
17th November 2018 Released new versions of 3dObjLib and ChocToObj. (No new features — only build changes.)
14th November 2018 Uploaded another new version of SF3KLib.
11th November 2018 Deleted a dead link to a page on Pontus Lurcock's website. Uploaded a new version of SF3KLib.
4th November 2018 Finished splitting CBlibrary into standalone C libraries with clearly-defined dependencies, portability requirements and feature sets. Got rid of redundant target="_top" attributes from most web links.
14th October 2018 Reverse-engineered source code for Chocks Away is now available to download.
30th September 2018 Released the compression/decompression code used for games like Chocks Away as a standalone C library.
29th September 2018 Pre-converted object meshes for Chocks Away are now available for download.
7th September 2018 Added a new page dedicated to ChocToObj.
2nd September 2018 Released ChocToObj, a utility to convert the object models used by Chocks Away to OBJ format.
30th August 2018 Another (more minor) update to 3dObjLib.
28th August 2018 A new version of 3dObjLib fixes an important corner-case in the coplanar polygon clipping code and optimises checks for polygon-in-polygon.
19th August 2018 Released a new C library for use by programs that process or generate 3D models and output the results as .OBJ files. Also released a new version of CBLibrary which features two implementations of an abstract file reader interface (for compressed and raw input).
3rd June 2018 Added the graph-drawing macros used by Schema 2 to the APDL software page.
16th April 2018 Added an incomplete document about the 3D object model format for Chocks Away.