What's new?

This page lists changes to this web site that happened within a year of the most recent update.

Date Alterations
6th January 2018 Fixed the link to download the WimpBasic application from the APDL software page. On request, updated the RMEnsure commands in applications generated by Wimp Basic.
14th December 2017 Added the final component of the Schema 2 spreadsheet application to the APDL software page.
5th December 2017 Proposed alternative arrangements for the 256 colour picker incorporated into the Paint application.
26th November 2017 Added a draw-your-own colour wheel feature and an alternative version of each colour wheel.
5th November 2017 My first experiment with HTML 5 involves colour wheels generated using Javascript and SVG.
30th October 2017 Fixed a link to Roger Frost's website.
26th October 2017 Began adding components of the Schema 2 spreadsheet application to the APDL software page.
25th October 2017 Added my colour format converter to the site map. Uploaded the remaining components of the WimpBasic development environment.
22nd October 2017 Fixed the link to Tom Hughes's WimpMon. Added some of my notes from 2010-2017 to the page of notes and essays. Created a separate index of technical documents.
21st October 2017 Got rid of the frames and updated to a new, cleaner design without background patterns. Added a page of poems.
18th October 2017 Updated my online documentation of the WimpBasic module.
15th October 2017 Released a new version of the linker/runtime library for Wimp Basic applications, including a bug fix for zero page accesses.
5th August 2017 Released 32-bit compatible versions of the loader and linker/runtime library for Wimp Basic applications.
19th July 2017 Released a new version of CBLibrary that uses gcc to maintain dynamic dependencies and can simulate errors in more of the stdio.h functions.
19th December 2016 Fixed yet more dead and redirected links.
16th December 2016 Fixed a lot of dead and redirected links. Removed Harriet's 'FeatherOK' application because the feathermail.co.uk anti-spam service is defunct and my demo of CBLibrary's Loader module, which has long been deprecated.