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The software has been compiled to run on ARM powered computers running RISC OS. The archives are compressed in Zip format. Zip files may be opened using SparkPlug, SparkFS (commercial) or Infozip. Much of this software requires the Toolbox modules.

Latest items are at the top of the table.

Date Contents More info Grab it Size
14/07/2023 SFeditor preview An incomplete editor for Star Fighter 3000 maps and missions. Download 933 KB
02/08/2022 All SF3000 utilities A collection of utilities for editing game files in RISC OS. Includes SFToSpr, FednetCmp, SFSkyEdit and SFColours. Download 703 KB
30/10/2020 Star Fighter 3000 version 3.21 The latest version of the game, complete and free to download. Download 1198 KB
30/10/2020 Game update patch (universal to 3.21) Major patch to upgrade any copy of Star Fighter 3000 (including the original floppy disc version) to the latest version 3.21. Download 693 KB
30/10/2020 Game update patch (3.0x to 3.21) Minor patch to upgrade Star Fighter 3000 release 3 to the latest version 3.21. Download 303 KB
30/08/2020 SF3000 documentation Extensive documentation on the game, including file formats, cheats, passwords and original game manual. Download 35 KB
02/05/2020 Gordon Key file compression utilities Portable command-line programs to compress and decompress files with an algorithm used in old Fourth Dimension and Fednet games. Download 43 KB
02/05/2020 SF3KtoProT program Portable command-line program to convert the game's music from its original esoteric file format into the ubiquitous Amiga ProTracker song/module format. Download 61 KB
21/04/2020 SF3KtoObj and SF3KtoMtl programs Portable command-line programs to convert the game's object meshes and colour palettes from their original compressed formats into the Wavefront .obj and .mtl file formats. Download 96 KB
12/11/2018 ConvertStar3000 module Module to allow on-the-fly conversion of Star Fighter 3000 bitmap graphics to sprites via the standard OS interfaces. Source code is included. Download 39 KB
29/08/2018 SF3000 object meshes The game's object meshes in Wavefront .obj and .mtl file formats. Download 104 KB
23/12/2012 SF3000 music All of the game's music in Amiga ProTracker V1.1B song/module format. This can be played using XMPlay or WinAmp for Windows or DigitalCD for RISC OS. Download 260 KB
14/06/2009 SFX_Handler module & documentation StrongHelp manual for sound/music module used in Star Fighter 3000. Now includes an APCS veneer and a two example programs written in C. Download 54 KB
09/03/1999 (v0.06) PixDoubler module By Wag Software, forces Star Fighter 3000 to run in a VGA mode. Download KB
08/03/1999 (v0.05) PixDoubler module Download KB
02/02/1999 (v0.06) NoDisc application By Wag Software, removes encryption & copy protection from Fednet games (for floppy disc version only). Download KB
08/10/1995 SF3000 cheat module Cheat module by Matt Browne (for floppy disc version only). Download KB
19/09/1994 SF3000 game demo A playable demonstration of the game, released by Fednet Software in 1994. May not work on modern RISC OS machines. Includes instructions and a cheat module by Torsten Karwoth. Download 436 KB
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